Taylor uses an electric longboard to explore the space between walking and a wheelchair. Physical disabilities are as diverse as the people living with them. Shouldn't assistive devices be too?
My doc-filmmaker friend, Taylor, asked me to go on this crazy adventure to San Francisco with him. The only requirement; I had to be able to film with one hand!
Inboard Technology had electric skateboards for us to ride, and we wanted to see if it would open up doors for those with disabilities. I was the cameraman, and adventure partner for this film. I shot everything, dodged cars, flew drones, rode skateboards, (often all at the same time) and provided technical support through production and post-production. 

We worked closely with Inboard and the Utah Center for Assistive Technology. The film was also completely funded through Kickstarter.

Directed, produced and edited by Taylor Lewis
Shot by Jason Murray
Illustrations by Kinsey Beckett