Insight: There are common misconceptions that bed bugs only infest dirty places like lower-income communities, homes, and hotels. Many people end up feeling ashamed they have bed bugs, and search for answers online.

Idea: Reassure online searchers that Bed Bugs Love Everyone, even the fanciest of jet-setters, travelers, or other aspirational humans.
We used search data, occasions, and affinity group information on our demographic to craft highly personalized messages that could be reactive and relevant for those experiencing the love of bed bugs.
We created 10 videos based on the most popular search terms (on a bed bug-sized production budget). We wanted to be as informative but light hearted as possible because bed bugs can happen to anyone! NBD.
You can check out some screen captures or view the playlist below.
CDs: Fernando Passos & Dan McCormack
CW: Andrew Ciaccio