The BYU AdLab went to the Cannes International Festival of Creativity for the first time. Ever. To mark this momentous trip, we brought the coveted Cannes Lion to life in a short film that parodies an iconic scene from The Sandlot. The video includes over 60 easter eggs that nod to our favorite agencies and work. 
Producer/Director: Jason Murray
Art Director: Taylor Dahl
Copywriters: Wilsynn Wheat, Seth Mollerup, Brigham Kmetzsch

Behind the Scenes:
We had one day to write the script, transform a girls bedroom, get prosthetic makeup done, create posters and decorations, and put together our cast and crew. It was a one night shoot and one day edit. All of this for a film that wouldn't mean very much to anyone outside of advertising or anyone who wasn't born in the 90's...