Clarity Parks Project
Outdoor spaces are proven to make kids happier, but after natural disasters they are often the last thing to be rebuilt. So we rebuilt a park in Houston, TX that was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, and partnered with Walmart to create the Clarity Parks Project.

Claritin Social
We pitched Claritin for their social business. We won. The work was shared around to other Bayer brands resulting in more of Bayer's social work being brought in house at Energy BBDO.

Here's a snippet of how we responded to occasions and created more interesting content than just TVC cut-downs.
Not only did we respond to occasions, but also trends in the weather... Pollen Apocalypse.
Here's a satisfying text I received from my CD... 
Claritin TVC & OLV
We got them to make a commercial about dusty video games for their first indoor commercial... so to us, that was a win 👍🏼
CD: Jonathan Linder
CW: Anish Easwar