Meet Jason's Brain
"About" pages can be boring. But now you can talk to the AI version of me through your Google Assistant! 🧠 Say goodbye to ghosting 👻. I won't even know you're interviewing me.

Just say...
"Ok Google, talk to Jason's Brain."

(or click the button below)
Not sure what to ask?
I get it. Interviewing a robot can be hard. Try some basic questions below:

• "What's your favorite commercial?" 
• "What are your weaknesses?"
• "What's your favorite emoji?"
• "What's your spirit animal?"
• "What famous person most resembles you?"

• "Why did Sprint send you a Cease & Desist?"
• "How sweaty are your hands?"
• "How did you come to teach private English lessons for the Lao Communist Party & Secret Police?"