D&AD New Blood Brief
Create a physical installation or activation that allows interaction with Conquerer paper.
Our Solution
In a world where intelligence is artificial and reality is virtual, the possibilities of paper are often overlooked. We hyperbolized the day-to-day creative potential of paper by creating an attention-grabbing installation. Each time someone touches a paper leaf on the wall, a note is played. With collaboration and repetition, music is made. Pedestrians are invited to take part in a creative process that wouldn't exist without paper. Sheet Music is an over-the-top analogy for the endless creations that would be nothing but ideas if it weren't for the physical presence of paper. 
I helped concept the idea, art directed, designed the deck, shot and edited video, and designed the installation.

Art Director: Jason Murray
Copywriter: Jagger Moore
Jr. Art Director: Jake Peterson
Creative Technologist: Dave Pierce